The Bride’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit

$ 120.00

The Bride’s WeddBox is a custom-curated selection of essential items to ensure a stress-free day for the Bride, Groom and guests. 

The Bride’s WeddBox includes items to handle any emergency situation that may arise before, during and after the wedding ceremony.  Placed first with the bride and her bridesmaids in the bridal suite the WeddBox contains items that may have been forgotten, lost or simply not considered as essential.  The WeddBox can then be moved to the ladies’s bathroom at the reception… or packed into the honeymoon bag.  

The Bride’s WeddBox contains over 70 products including everything from the basic hygiene items such as toothbrushes,  toothpaste and deodorant, to the life-saver items of stain remover, double-sided tape, nail polish, sewing kits and aspirin.

Click here to see a full list of the Bride's WeddBox contents. 

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