About Us







The idea behind WeddBox originated from the founders own wedding planning experience.  

Samuel and Jessica were busy tackling their infinite to-do list and realized that a crucial part of the wedding day was to have a "survival kit" or emergency wedding box on hand.  Our own wedding planner recommended having separate kits for the Bride and Groom including a number of essential items to prevent any minor mishaps from causing any unnecessary stress. 

After researching these kits we discovered that most wedding blogs provided only a DIY list of some of the recommended items.  The few kits that were available to purchase were missing a number of essential items and had not been designed to be on display in the Ladies or Gentleman's restrooms during the reception, as any good Wedding Emergency Kit should be.

We, as most Bride and Grooms do, wanted our special day to be truly unique so we made every effort to find creative ways to personalize our wedding ceremony and reception. This included being heavily involved in everything from the design of invitations to the color of the cutlery.  When it came time to source a wedding day emergency kit, we decided to design something that we would be proud to have on display at our wedding, something both functional and beautiful.

That's when WeddBox was born.

Today Weddbox is a family-operated online retail business providing custom-curated box of essential items to ensure a stress-free wedding day for the bride, groom and guests.